About Us

Sun and Moon is a small family business that has been around for 10 years.
Both , my sister and I , remember our Italian grandmother's kitchen , she delighted our eyes and palate with her meals and we want to convey a unique experience, helping our clients to feel that they are eating "at home". 
For us , there are dishes that stimulate our taste memory so much, that they are capable of taking us to states of happiness and returning us to the exact
moments in which we taste them.
From an event to a work activity, or from a casual dinner to a lunch at home,  a snack with friends with "miga sandwiches" and "empanadas", or simply organizing your weekly meal ..so you don't have to think about Sunday night...."and now what am I doing tomorrow?? 
We are here to help you.
We cook with high quality ingredients and we follow strict hygiene protocols for you and your family peace of mind.